Segment Coils

Eddy current sensors for weld seam inspection

Segment Coils - smart accessories for Nondestructive Testing


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Segment coils are offered for weld seam inspection. The coils are available with specific windings.


All segment coils are optionally available with the patented SMART SENSOR chip forstoring information on sensor type, size, serial number, and sensing width. The SMART SENSOR chip can be used with the EDDYCHEK 5 series.

Various holders for segment coils are available with or without guide rollers and pneumatic tilt mechanism.


Special Segment Coil Holder

Using four segment coils, this coil holder was specially designed for weld seam and circumferential testing. The frame opens to allow removal of the system from the production line, e.g. for calibration. The holder is mounted on a sliding table along with a longitudinal magnetization unit for weld seam testing.


Segment Coil Holders w/ perm. magnets

This unit longitudinally magnetizes ferrous material for weld seam inspection. Available in various designs.



  • Various lengths and sizes

  • Test head can be raised pneumatically

  • Low cost magnetization units with permanent magnets also available

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