Turnkey Systems

For eddy current testing

Design, planning, construction, installation and commissioning

Conveyors – Transport systems for NDT applications

For offline testing, PRUFTECHNIK plans and supplies complete conveyor systems used in transporting the product to be tested.

The conveyor is customized to meet product specifications, space limitations and sorting requirements. It consists of an infeed conveyor, a testing table, an outfeed conveyor and a sorting system using belt troughs. Optionally, PLC-controlled transfer arms enable automatic sorting. The sorting system can distinguish between several product quality grades.

Testing tables – Tables for NDT applicationsAll the units required for eddy current testing in the line can be placed on a convenient testing table that is height-adjustable. It can be raised or lowered to the level of the tested material. The units it holds depend on the application:

  • centering triples for guiding the test piece,

  • eddy current test coil,

  • as well as marker, encoder and magnetization and demagnetization units

The test coil holder or magnetization unit is usually mounted on a sliding table to pull it out of the line for changeovers. The table is customized to meet on-site specifications and is often integrated in the conveyor.

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