Introducing our Packaging Machines: Efficiency and Precision for Ball Packaging

Our range of packaging machines is designed to seamlessly integrate with the AVIKO ball scanner, ensuring a continuous and efficient production process. These machines can also operate independently, connecting directly to other equipment or the end of your production line. Standard features include an anti-corrosive inhibitor/spray, a ball counter, and batch size adjustment. We offer specific designs for KLT boxes MF 2120 (198x149x120) and two variations for larger balls, accommodating diameters from 18mm to 100mm. Discover how our packaging machines can enhance your ball-packing process with precision and reliability.

Packaging Machine KLT Box 0319: Efficient Ball Packaging

The packaging machine is designed to pack balls at the same speed as the AVIKO ball scanner in order to not slow down the process. Also, the packaging machine is capable of operating as a standalone unit with the possibility of a direct connection to any machine or straight to the end of the production line. As a standard, the packaging machine has a built-in anti-corrosive inhibitor/spray which can be activated per the needs of the operator. The machine is equipped with a ball counter and terminal to set the batch size. The loading tower and unloading belt size can be increased per client specifications. This particular design is used only with KLT boxes MF 2120 (198x149x120).

Ball Diameter (mm)Order Number
Packaging Machine KLT Box 03192.778 – 19.050S 081 500

Efficient Packaging Solutions for Large Balls: Cardboard Box 1830 / 30100 Packaging Machine

We offer packaging machines for large balls in two variations1830 and 30100, where machine 1830 is designed for packaging balls with a diameter of 18 - 30 mm and machine 30100 for packaging balls with a diameter of 30 - 100 mm. The balls are preserved by spray/inhibitor in the anti-corrosion unit, where the oil management system is located directly below the unit. The balls are transported non-contactly into the boxes by means of a robotic arm. Once the empty boxes are filled, the elevator will lower and send the boxes to the collection point.

Ball Diameter (mm)Order Number
Packaging Machine Cardboard box 03303.000 – 30.163S 081 650
Packaging Machine Cardboard Box 3010030.000 – 100.000S 081 700

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