AVIKO Ball Scanners: Precision Ball Sorting in Wet,
Ceramic, Steel, and Dry Scanning Innovations

AVIKO Dry Ball Scanner: Next-Generation Innovation with Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

Introducing the AVIKO G3 Ball Scanner Dry, an exciting and innovative advancement in technology set to launch in 2023. These ball scanners come with state-of-the-art PC/PLC touchscreen interfaces, featuring a significantly enhanced HMI. This upgrade opens up a world of new possibilities, including gauging with precision, enhanced software analytics, advanced protocol management, comprehensive sorting history tracking, video-based instructional guides, and seamless integration with machine monitoring software like Precision Viewer. Additionally, the automatic lever adjustment simplifies the mechanical configuration of these machines, making it a breeze to operate.


Unveiling the Power of eddyvisor S: Versatile Features and Outstanding Reliability

The eddyvisor S distinguishes itself with its high-performance modular concept with max. 32 structure test channels in a very compact design. Additionally, it offers unique features for the realization of sophisticated test tasks using the eddy current technique, combined with the well-known ibg test reliability and ease of operation.
The ergonomic interface enables easy and simple operation via a touchscreen. All functions and test results are captured at a glance. Digital processing of the measuring signal with unique processors, immediately after the pre-amplifier guarantees the greatest possible stability of test results.




AVIKO G3 Wet Ball Scanner: Revolutionary Wet Scanning for Enhanced Precision and Efficiency

As of 2023, we are thrilled to introduce the AVIKO G3 WET ball scanner, a groundbreaking development by ibg. This cuttingedge scanner has been designed to cater to the growing demand for wet scanning, offering a unique approaches such as precision gauging and scanning occurring within an oil-based solution. This innovative design not only enhances precision and reliability but also tackles noise and vibration issues within the wet environment. An integrated oil management system diligently monitors the oil level in the tank. One of the standout features of this system is its ability to scan balls without the need for prior drying, resulting in a significant reduction in pseudo rejects caused by stains or dirt. Moreover, for those seeking even more capabilities, there is an option to upgrade the machine for structure/hardness sorting.



AVIKO Ceramic Ball Scanner: Advanced Ai is a Non-Destructive Quality Scanning for Precision Assurance

AVIKO Ball Scanner - Ceramics is a specially designed machine for non-destructive quality scanning of ceramic balls. With our enhanced laser optics, vibration sensors, and eddy current probes we bring all of this data into the processing of the eddyvisor working hand in hand with our industry-leading Ai evaluation.

AVIKO Steel Ball Scanner: Cutting-Edge Non-Destructive Quality Scanning for Steel Balls

The AVIKO Ball Scanner - Steel is a specialized machine meticulously crafted for the non-destructive quality assessment of steel balls. This advanced system incorporates three key sensors:

  1. The eddy-current probe is dedicated to inspecting subsurface conditions of the balls, detecting issues such as cracks and subsurface defects (grinderburn).
  2. The optical probe is tailored for the identification of surface imperfections, including stains, material gaps, and variations in polish or reflection.
  3. The vibration sensor is engineered to identify shape irregularities and the presence of missing material.

All three probes¬†simultaneously examine the ball at a single monitoring point. After the comprehensive scan is completed, the balls are sorted into either the “good” category or designated for rejection channels based on the results from the eddy-current or optical probe inspections.

Introducing AVIKO Control Rollers: Precision Ball Control for Optimal Inspection Accuracy from 2 to 30 mm

When it comes to achieving rapid and accurate control of balls within the 2 to 30 mm range, AVIKO Control Rollers have proven to be the preferred method. These control rollers employ a specially ground design based on the meridian system of rotation to spin the balls. For larger balls, cylindrical rollers employing the same meridian system technology are utilized. This innovative approach ensures that all points of the balls are thoroughly scanned by the probes. During the scanning process, the surface speed is set at 3 m/s, providing a perfect balance between maximum speed and high inspection accuracy. Furthermore, our Control Rollers offer advanced ball sorting capabilities, offering comprehensive control over your production process. We provide Control Rollers for AVIKO Ball Scanners in both standard and aerospace configurations, as well as the option for custom settings, which vary in meridian width to suit your specific needs.

AVIKO Standard Control Roller: Achieve Industry-Leading Inspection Speeds

Standard control roller Standard control roller guarantees the highest inspection speed (up to 34 000 pcs/h). For more information and ordering information for control rollers please refer to our control roller product catalog.

AVIKO Aerospace Control Roller: Precision Monitoring for Aerospace Excellence and High-Quality Production

The aerospace control The aerospace control roller is designed primarily for ball scanning for the aerospace industry, where precision monitoring comes first. This control roller can also be used for high-quality standard production.

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