AVICO G3 COMPACT: Microstructure Inspection and Precision Ball Inspection

AVIKO's ball inspection system provides swift, non-destructive evaluation of balls at speeds of up to 34,000 pcs/hr. Specialized probes match your ball material, assessing both surface and sub-surface characteristics. Elevators, conservation units, demagnetizers, and packaging machines are among our available accessories, all designed to enhance your inspection process. For seamless integration and improved efficiency, explore our comprehensive automation solutions.

Precision inspection from 2 mm to 30 mm with advanced sensors

AVIKO standard machines range from 2mm to 30mm. These machines incorporated probes for crack detection, laser sensors for surface defect detection, and vibration sensors for ovality detection. The core principle of ball rotation for 100% surface scanning is based on control rollers.

AVIKO G3 COMPACT: Advanced Microstructure Testing for Precision Ball Sorting

AVIKO G3 COMPACT has the option to be upgraded with an additional test for the microstructure. The microstructure test is capable of sorting out the balls with different materials as well as different hardness. Due to the eddy current technology used, only ferromagnetic steels can be sorted out with this test. An eddyvisor S unit and eddy current probe are used for testing.

Order Information

ModelSorting Diameter (mm)Order Number
AVIKO 0203 G3 COMPACT1.984 – 3.175K 097 400
AVIKO 0306 G3 COMPACT2.778 – 6.350K 097 450
AVIKO 0610 G3 COMPACT5.556 – 10.319K 097 500
AVIKO 1014 G3 COMPACT9.500 – 14.286K 097 550
AVIKO 1419 G3 COMPACT13.494 – 19.050K 097 700
AVIKO 1830 G3 COMPACT18.000 – 30.163K 097 750

Scan Speed

* Scan speed is calculated for both sides working in unison. (Same diameter)

MachineMin.BallMax.BallMin.Scan SpeedMax.Scan Speed
 [mm][inch][mm][inch]Standard [pcs/hr]Aerospace [pcs/hr]Standard [pcs/hr]Aerospace [pcs/hr]
AVIKO 0203 G3 COMPACT1.9845/643.1751/834 10032 10030 50028 100
AVIKO 0306 G3 COMPACT2.7787/646.3501/432 80030 50024 50021 600
AVIKO 0610 G3 COMPACT5.5567/3210.31913/3226 20019 00017 60011 900
AVIKO 1014 G3 COMPACT9.5253/814.28618 80016 70011 6009 300
AVIKO 1419 G3 COMPACT13.49417/3219.0503/412 80010 6007 9006 700
AVIKO 1830 G3 COMPACT18.00030.1631-3/167 7006 6003 5002 800
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1000 × 1201 × 1920 
Weight170 (kg)170 (kg)200 (kg)
Sorting groups 3 (OK, EOT probe rejection; EVT/ECT probe rejection) 
Input Power (230V) 230V, 50Hz/60Hz (Type E plug) 
Input Power (110V) 110V, 50Hz/60Hz (Type B plug) 
Electric optical probe1.2 mmSpot defect Ø 600 μm
Electric vibration probeDeep flat 700 μm
Eddy current probes2 mmCrack defect 750 × 50 × 50 (μm)




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