AVIKO High-Speed Ball Inspection: A Cutting-Edge Technology

Discover the cutting-edge AVIKO high-speed ball inspection technology, assessing surface and sub-surface quality at an impressive rate of up to 34,000 pcs/hr. Tailored probes match your ball material, and a variety of optional accessories, such as elevators, conservation units, demagnetizers, and packaging machines, enhance your inspection process. Achieve seamless integration, improving efficiency and precision with our complete automation solutions.

Revolutionize Ball Scanning with AVIKO G3 WET STEEL Scanner and Precision Structure Testing

AVIKO WET ball scanner performs the scan within an oil-based solution. Noise vibration reduction within the wet environment ensures a more precise and reliable inspection. One of many exciting features is that the balls do not have to be dried prior to scanning and in turn pseudo rejects due to stains or dirt are significantly reduced. This innovative technology not only saves time but also reduces the chances of false rejections, optimizing your quality control process and improving overall efficiency. Optionally, the machine can be upgraded for structure sorting, ask for more details.

Enhanced Precision: AVIKO G3 WET STEEL Diameter Validation and Structure Testing Upgrade

As part of the upgrade of our new generation AVIKO G3 machines, we have implemented a brand new diameter validation solution which is much more precise with the ability to exclude the balls that are ± 1 μm out of the selected ball diameter. Optionally diameter validation can be upgraded with a structure probe to reject the balls with different structures than calibrated. The balls are rejected prior to the monitoring point scanning which prevents additional wear and tear of the machine parts with NOK balls.

Order Information

ModelSorting Diameter (mm)Order Number
AVIKO 0306 G3 WET – STEEL2.778 – 6350K 092 000
AVIKO 0610 G3 WET – STEEL5.556– 10.319K 092 200
AVIKO 1014 G3 WET – STEEL9.500 – 14.286K 092 400
AVIKO 1419 G3 WET – STEEL13.494 – 19.050K 092 600
AVIKO 1830 G3 WET – STEEL18.000– 30.163K 092 800

Scan Speed

* Scan speed is calculated for both sides working in unison. (same diameter)

MachineMin.BallMax.BallMin.Scan SpeedMax.Scan Speed
 [mm][inch][mm][inch]Standard [pcs/hr]Aerospace [pcs/hr]Standard [pcs/hr]Aerospace [pcs/hr]
AVIKO 0306 G3 WET2.7787/646.3501/420 60019 20015 60013 800
AVIKO 0610 G3 WET5.5567/3210.31913/3220 10013 90013 1008 500
AVIKO 1014 G3 WET9.5253/814.60014 20012 3008 4006 600
AVIKO 1419 G3 WET13.49417/3219.0503/49 3007 7005 6004 700
AVIKO 1830 G3 WET18.00030.1631-3/165 6004 30025002 000
  AVIKO G3 WET STEEL 0306 / 0610 / 1014 / 1419 / 1830 
Dimensions (L×W×H) 2 030 × 700 × 1 850 (mm) 
Weight 400 kg 
Sorting groups 3 (OK, EOT probe rejection; EVT/ECT probe rejection) 
Input Power (230V) 230V, 50Hz/60Hz (Type E plug) 
Input Power (110V) 110V, 50Hz/60Hz (Type B plug) 
Electric optical probe1.2 mmSpot defect Ø 600 μm
Electric vibration probeDeep flat 700 μm
Eddy current probes2 mmCrack defect 750 × 50 × 50 (μm)


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