Diameter Sorters 0310/0820: Revolutionize Production Control with Precision Diameter Sorters

Experience precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge Diameter Sorters, redefining quality control in modern manufacturing. Explore a range of sorting possibilities from 3mm to 60mm, featuring non-destructive technology and intuitive HMI. Choose IBG NDT Technology for quality, precision, and a brighter manufacturing future.

Precise Diameter Sorting with Diameter Sorter: ± 0.15 μm Accuracy & Microstructure Inspection

A diameter sorter is a machine used to sort balls by the diameter of the ball, which is done by LVDT probe measurement with a remarkable repeatability of ± 0.15 μm. The balls are sorted into 8 groups and one of them is reserved for NOK balls. Optional upgrade to implement the microstructure testing probe to reject balls with different structures than calibrated.

Diameter Test The ball diameter is measured by a high-precision LVDT probe with an accuracy of up to ± 0.15 microns.

Structure Test The diameter sorter may be upgraded with an additional test for the microstructure. The microstructure test is capable of sorting out balls with different materials as well as different hardness. Due to the eddy-current technology used, only ferromagnetic steels can be sorted out with this test. An eddyguard S unit and eddy current probe are used for testing.

Order Information

ModelSorting Diameter (mm)Order NumberORDER NUMBER (+ STRUCTURE)
DIAMETER SORTER 03103.000 – 10.319K 083 700AK 083 700C
DIAMETER SORTER 08208.000 – 20.000K 083 800AK 083 800C

Scan Speed

DIAMETER SORTER 03103.00010.00013 00012 000
DIAMETER SORTER 08208.00020.0004 0003 000
  DIAMETER SORTER 0310 / 0820 
Dimensions (L×W×H) 970 × 980 × 1 630 (mm) 
Weight 282 kg 
Sorting groups 7 + NOK 
Repeatability ± 0.15 μm 
Input Power (230V) 230V, 50Hz/60Hz (Type E plug) 
Input Power (110V) 110V, 50Hz/60Hz (Type B plug) 

Diameter Sorter - 1830 / 3060 / 4080 / 60100

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