AVIKO Ball Scanner: Elevating Quality, Speed, and Precision in Ball Inspection and Sorting Solutions

The AVIKO ball scanner is designed for non-destructive high-speed inspection of balls (up to 34 000 pcs/hr.), where the surface and sub-surface quality is evaluated using various types of probes. The types of probes that are selected are dependent on the type of material of the ball. Additional possibilities are to add accessories for the AVIKO Ball Scanning machine, such as elevators, conservation units, demagnetizers, and packaging machines. A complete line that automates the entire process can be achieved such as a demagnetizer, AVIKO Ball Scanner, High precision diameter sorter, and ball packaging running all inline.

AVIKO Ball Scanners: Elevating Precision and Productivity

Thanks to the automation and removal of the human error factor, the scanning of the balls with the AVIKO ball scanner increases the quality, speed, and productivity of the entire production process – this is our guarantee! All machines have the ability to be connected to management evaluation software (Precision Software) for more detailed statistics. We can guarantee 100% surface control thanks to our spinning technology, which is able to inspect the entire surface of the ball. AVIKO ball scanners are divided into several categories: AVIKO G3 DRY, AVIKO G3 WET and AVIKO Control Rollers.

AVIKO Ball Scanners

High Speed Ball Structure Sorter

Smart Mechanics

Diameter Sorter

Ball Packaging Machines

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